Review: Acting Lessons by Katie Allen

TitleActing Lessons
Author: Katie Allen/Katie Ruggle
Series: Off Guard #1 (can be read as a standalone)
Publish date: November 6th 2017 by Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Comedy
Tropes: age-play, fake-relationship
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Publisher Blurb:

An aspiring actress navigates the gig of a lifetime…and an illicit desire she never saw coming in the first book of a brand-new series from Katie Ruggle writing as Katie Allen.

It’s an offer she can’t refuse. Two weeks of work for enough cash to quit her day job and focus on auditions is a dream come true for struggling actress Topher. All she has to do is play girlfriend to a wealthy friend, helping him secure his trust fund. Then she meets her friend’s sinfully handsome, firmly off-limits uncle, and all bets are off.

Not only is Uncle James surprisingly younger than imagined, he’s charismatic and hot as hell. And there’s something about the wounded veteran’s hungry stare that has her thinking the feeling is mutual.

Topher’s determined to ignore Uncle Sexy, but the forbidden temptation is too much to handle, especially after James flashes his dominant side. But surrendering to temptation is easier said than done when the plot thickens. Even if Topher can manage to fool everyone involved, she’s not sure she can fool her own heart—or the man she’s definitely not supposed to be falling for.


“But three weeks for us is like three years for any other couple, since we’re, like, soul mates or something. I was reading this book about soul mates, and I told Jamie-Bear, ‘Sweetie-pie, this is just like us, only we’re not vampires, which is a good thing, since drinking blood would be super-ew, and the guy in the book is, like, hundreds of years old, and you’re not nearly that old yet.’”

Warning: this book does contain age-play and daddy kink.

Acting Lessons was a total unexpected read! I was laughing my butt off every time Coco Topher opened her mouth. It felt like one of those crazy holiday romantic comedy movies where everything that could go wrong, went wrong!

Topher is asked by her friend Danny to play his ‘crazy girlfriend’ to make his ‘real girlfriend’ look better in the eyes of his mother and uncle so he won’t loose his trust fund money for two weeks. Some crazy and funny things happen and Topher ends up pretending to be Danny’s thirty-one-year old Uncle Jamie’s girlfriend. Her crazy ‘ditzy’ persona acting was way over the top and hilarious that you just cannot help but love her.

The chemistry she had with Jamie was sizzling and very natural. There is the ‘age play’ and ‘daddy kink’ in here that I’m not into, but it didn’t bother me. Again, I thought their personalities and relationship they had was natural. They just fit together nicely and wasn’t creeped out by ‘age-play’ kink. I could however have done without the ‘daddy’ part but that didn’t bother me too much and I still thoroughly enjoyed this.

I do wish there were some more ‘non-ditzy Topher’ and regular Jamie moments shown together. And there story ends in a HFN. that was disappointing. I want my HEA and epilogue!

“Jesus. No.”
“Fuck it. Fine.”
Topher tightened her arms around him again. “You’re such a huggable Jamie-Bear.”

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