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Goodreads Big Bad Shhlut: 2018 Reading Challenge!


Challenge Rules

✦ Challenge runs from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.
✦ To participate, members must sign up on this thread before December 1, 2018 by claiming a “challenge entry” comment box below.
✦ Your challenge entry post will be used throughout the challenge; First copy and paste all the challenge prompts (from above), then update your post (see how to below) with your progress through the year by matching your read books to the prompts. Be sure to include the book cover link adjacent to each individual prompt and also include the read date and how many stars you award the book.
✦ You can complete the prompts in any order you wish, one book per prompt. Each book read can only represent one prompt.
✦ All Books must be read in 2018. No re-reads unless prompt dictates.
✦ All books must be a minimum of 119 pages and must be in the Romance or Erotica genre. We welcome all sub genres including but not limited to, dark romance/erotica, paranormal romance/erotica, historical romance/erotica, and contemporary romance/erotica.
✦ Prompt clarifications:
✦ Participants will be listed here: Last update to list will be on December 2, 2018.

How To Win

Everyone that completes this challenge will be entered into the random drawing at the end of the year.
✦ Complete the required 12 prompts (#1-12) for ONE entry to the random drawing.*
✦ Or complete all 26 prompts and get TWO entries to the random drawing.*

* Random drawing from qualifying entries


  1. A book with cover that prominently displays Shh… colors (Red and/or Blue).
    • Red and/or blue has to be a prominent color (in thumbnail and large view).
  2. A book with shhlutty fucking (MM/FF/MFM etc.).
    • The entire book does not have to be centered around the mentioned theme, single scene in the book will satisfy this requirement.
  3. A book you think embodies the group name Shh…
    • Shh… stands for Smut, Heroes and HEAs (happily-ever-after) and so a story that focuses on any of those would fit perfectly.
    • Shh… also has the symbol of “Shh” as in secret/scandal.
    • Shh… is also striving to be a bully-free, drama-free and troll-free zone so maybe you found a safe haven in here to read a book you never dared to read before so it could also be not only about pushing boundaries, but pushing YOUR boundaries.
    • This prompt is very open for YOUR interpretation of what Shh… stands for and means to YOU.
  4. A book by a Shh… guest author (click on link):
  5. A book posted in any ONE of the five threads in Shh… Author Corner:
    2. PROMOS:
  6. A book with uniquely male body part(s) on the cover.
  7. A book published at least 7 years ago.
  8. A book with kinky fuckery and/or BDShhM.
    • The entire book does not have to be centered around the mentioned theme, single scene in the book will satisfy this requirement.
  9. A book where the Hero is a cunning-linguist. (Bilingual)
    • Bilingual = fluent in two languages.
  10. A book outside your comfort zone.
  11. A book with character(s) you want to kill.
    • The entire book does not have to be centered around this character, a side character in the book will satisfy this requirement.
  12. A book by one of these featured authors:
    • A book by one of the featured author as long as book is in romance/erotica genre and 119+ pages, not previously read by you and not used in any other of your entry prompts.
    • Alessandra Torre
    • Vanessa Fawings
    • Susan Johnson
    • Aleatha Romig
    • Pepper Winters
    • Whitney G.
    • Celia Aaron
    • Raine MIller
    • J.A. Huss
    • Sawyer Bennett

  13. A book that shatters your soul.

  14. A book that spells COCK! (Use letters from title/author’s name to spell COCK!)
  15. A book with a May-December romance. (Significant age difference between MCs)
  16. A book that takes you to the Shhcreen or Shhtage.The main character(s) is/are in:
    • TV industry
    • Movie industry
    • Music industry
    • Opera
    • Theatre
    • Ballet
    • Circus
    • And so on………….
  17. A book with a shhcandalous story (forbidden/affair/triangle).
  18. A book with a hero clad in leather, capes, trench coats, tights, breeches, cravats, kilts, robes, togas, fur, hides or nothing.
  19. A book with a hero with a distinctive shhlong (size, tattoo, piercing).
  20. A book with a trigger warning.
    • Trigger warning has to be listed in blurb on Goodreads so we can verify. Whether the warning is written in all seriousness or more jokingly (maybe warning of insta-) it still counts. A trigger warning can be a warning for many different things, for example:
      • 18+ years due to sexual content
        Explicit sexual content
        Underage/young MCs
        And so on………….
  21. A book from an author you have never read.
  22. A book with barely legal hero.
    • Barely legal has different meanings in different countries, so it depends on plot setting mostly. In the US 21 can be “barely” legal, especially if heroine is older than hero… But it is safe to say no matter the country mid 20’s is no longer “barely” legal.
  23. A book you have read before.
    • This is the only prompt that permits a re-read of a book. If you have previously DNF a book it counts as read.
  24. A book with a one-word title.
  25. A book with a second chance romance.
  26. A book you own but haven’t yet read.
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