Review: The Baby Maker by P. Dangelico

“I can carry the load, Dane. I can do it all myself–”

“I know you can, baby,” he murmurs close to my lips. Dan’s thumb gently runs across my cheek, wiping away the last of my tears. “You’re my Wonder Woman.”

“But I don’t want to,” I’m quick to add. “I really don’t want to.”

“And you don’t have to to. Let me carry your load.” 

Review: The Highland Duke by Amy Jarecki

Wild as the Highlands and filled with agony, his gaze penetrated her defenses like a dagger. She’d never seen eyes that expressive—that intense. They made her so…so unnerved

Wrap Up: January 2018

January was a good month for me. I read a total of twelve books all of which I absolutely loved! This is really rare for me. My personal favorites for this month were By the Hour, Mikhail, Hostage, and Stumbling into Love. Below are the books I read this moth with a few snip-its of what I thought about them.…

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